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Commercial Checklist

Commercial Checklist

BUILDING PLANS – Submit complete plans including Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Zoning including but not limited to:

106.1 Submital Documents:

Construction documents, special inspection and structural observation programs, and other data shall be submitted in one or more sets with each application for a permit. The construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by the statutes of the jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed. Where special conditions exist, the building official is authorized to require additional construction documents to be prepared by a registered design professional.

Exception: The building official is authorized to waive the submission of construction documents and other data not required to be prepared by a registered design professional if it is found that the nature of the work applied for is such that review of construction documents is not necessary to obtain compliance with this code.

106.1.1 Information on Construction Documents:

Construction documents shall be dimensioned and drawn upon suitable material. Electronic media documents are permitted to be submitted when approved by the building official. Construction documents shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of this code and relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, as determined by the building official. Fire Protection System Shop Drawings:

Shop drawings for the fire protection system(s) shall be submitted to indicate conformance with this code and the construction documents and shall be approved prior to the start of system installation. Shop drawings shall contain all information as required by the referenced installation standards in Chapter 9.

106.1.2 Means of Egress:

The construction documents shall show in sufficient detail the location, construction, size and character of all portions of the means of egress in compliance with the provisions of this code. In other than occupancies in Groups R-2, R-3, as applicable in Section 101.2, and I-1, the construction documents shall designate the number of occupants to be accommodated on every floor, and in all rooms and spaces.

106.1.3 Exterior Wall Envelope:

Construction documents for all buildings shall describe the exterior wall envelope in sufficient detail to determine compliance with this code. The construction documents shall provide details of the exterior wall envelope as required, including flashing, intersections with dissimilar materials, corners, end details, control joints, intersections at roof, eaves or parapets, means of drainage, water-resistive membrane and details around openings. The construction documents shall include manufacturer’s installation instructions that provide supporting documentation that the proposed penetration and opening details described in the construction documents maintain the weather resistance of the exterior wall envelope. The supporting documentation shall fully describe the exterior wall system that was tested, where applicable, as well as the test procedure used.

106.2 Site Plan:

The construction documents submitted with the application for permit shall be accompanied by a site plan showing to scale the size and location of new construction and existing structures on the site, distances from lot lines, the established street grades and the proposed finished grades and, as applicable, flood hazard areas, floodways, and design flood elevations; and it shall be drawn in accordance with an accurate boundary line survey. In the case of demolition, the site plan shall show construction to be demolished and the location and size of existing structures and construction that are to remain on the site or plot. The building official is authorized to waive or modify the requirement for a site plan when the application for permit is for alteration or repair or when otherwise warranted.


  1. An application form provided by Pennfield Township, completed by the property owner or their authorized agent.
  2. Sixteen (16) copies of the Site Plan.
  3. Payment of a fee, in accordance with a fee schedule, as determined by Township Board resolution.
  4. A legal description, including the permanent parcel number, of the subject property and a boundary survey map.
  5. Other materials as may be required by this section or by the Planning Commission.

For additional information, refer to the Pennfield Charter Township Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 16 – Site Development Requirements.

Sign & Fence Permit:  Acquired spearately from Building Permit from Pennfield Township (269) 968-4422.

Driveway & Address Permit:  Contact Calhoun County Road Commission at (269) 781-9841.

Well & Septic Permit:  (If private water) contact County Health Department at (269) 966-1241.

Municipal Water & Sewer:  Pay all water and sewer tap fees (if applicable) to Pennfield Township (269) 968-4422.

Contractors must submit a copy of their Builder’s License, Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation to register with Pennfield Township. A $5.00 fee for the year will also be paid by the contractor.